72-76 Great Union Road Apartments – Jersey

The construction of a new 4 storey apartment block with parking at ground floor that required the demolition of an existing townhouse building. The superstructure is an RC frame at ground floor with a transfer slab at 1st floor supporting a 3 storey timber frame structure above. There were various challenges to overcome on this project, including the temporary bracing of the surrounding buildings and roads preventing any subsidence or movement and a substantial raft slab foundation to support the building.

T&G working alongside the client produced a 3D walkthrough of the finished building with the base model created using Revit (Baseline for T&G).

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Date:  March 13, 2019
Sector:  Residential
Scope & Services:  Structural, Temporary Works, Drainage, Imagineering
Architect:  JS Livingston
Location:  St. Helier, Jersey

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72-76 Great Union Road Apartments - Jersey | T & G Limited